Sunday, February 04, 2007

By request...Emo Feats

Emo Basics (Unarmed Combat Feat)

All your romances are chemical.

Benefit: Diversion is a free action for you, and you do not become flat-footed if you fail the opposed skill check. Further, you gain the following stance and trick.

Resolute Stance (Stance): While in this stance, all stress damage you suffer is halved (round down), but you may not leave your current square.

Poser (Trick): You may make a Tire action, gaining a synergy bonus from your Cultures skill.


Emo Moves

You're all about Emo Violence

Prerequisites: BAB +3 or higher.

Benefit: You gain the following tricks.

Cling (Trick): With a successful unarmed attack, you may at once make a grapple check targetting your opponent as a free action.

Lash Out (Trick): With a successful unarmed attack, you may force your opponent to make a Will save (DC 10 + the damage you inflicted). With failure, he must Fight Defensively on his next Initiative count.

The Shins (Trick): You may take a Kick action, with which your threat range increases by 1.


Emo Supremacy

You're post-post-hardcore.

Prerequisites: BAB +12 or higher, Emo Basics, Emo Moves.

Benefit: Your Intelligence increases by 1. Further, you gain the following tricks.

All-Star Treatment (Trick): If an opponent within your reach becomes sprawled, you may target him with a Kick as a free action.

Quip (Trick): Once per round as a free action, you may make a Taunt as a full action that targets every opponent within 30 feet.

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