Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ultimates - Introduction

("Ultimates" is a shared story background based upon the very good Shadowforce Archer campaign setting for the Spycraft RPG. More info can be found at Crafty Games - and the forums hold more stories by my esteemed comrades.)

It's nearly impossible today to imagine just how easy it would have been for the world to self-destruct during the Cold War. That we are here today might be considered the largest lucky break ever granted to anyone - but I can tell you that, like so many things, this was not left to chance. A worldwide conspiracy - the Archer Pact - helped us survive by manipulating international politics. They were the shadows behind the scenes, playing entire countries in an intricate game of chess to keep the balance of terror from tipping either way.

Then the whole gig went to shit, and it was every man for himself.

The Archer Pact is dead, and its chambers are clinging on to a desperate existence, but the last generation of Archer agents isn't quite ready to let go yet. Old enemies still abound along with new threats, and they have taken up the mantle of protecting the world from itself. They are the psionic powerhouses, undying mystical experts and highly-trained operatives that stand ready to deal with any - any - danger. They are, simply put, the absolute best at what they do.

They are The Ultimates.

One of them is Mark Simmons, a hitman turned secret agent who's already feeling the years. He is competent but human, and where others might tap into their supernatural potential, he has to make do with his wits and skills. His unkempt, loudmouthed attitude may be that of a thug, but it is an essential part of what makes him so effective - people keep underestimating him.

Needless to say, a guy like him keeps making big impressions - positive and negative...

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